Consumable Products

Cleaning Products

Thermoplan Black & White Cleaning Tablets

For use in all fully automatic coffee machine. This product is quick, completely soluble, neutral in taste, gentle on materials and effective without leaving residue.

Country of Origin: Germany

Packing size: 90 tablets per bottle (3g per tablet)

Thermoblue Milk Froth Cleaner

Quick and easy to use. Ideal for cleaning all those parts that have contact with milk, such as the milk reservoir and the froth diffuser.

Features and Benefits:
  • Quick and non corrosive
  • Safe with foodstuffs
  • Foam regulated
  • Prevents scale build up

Country of Origin: Germany

Available in 2.5 Liter and 5.0 Liter tank

Thermoplan Quarterly Cleaning Set

The daily cleaning of your coffee machine is an absolute MUST to prolong the operational life cycle of the operation of the coffee machine. The cleaning package is economical and easy to use.

The cleaning package consists of:
  • 1 bottle Black & White cleaning tablets (90pcs)
  • 3 bottles Thermoblue (1 liter each)

Features and Benefits:
  • Allows thorough material protective cleaning
  • Food safe reduction of bacteria
  • Prevention of building of milk and water stone